Veloci-Docs saves time and money by igniting electronic document review capabilities of any organization. The secret is in its powerful OCR engine, lightning fast key word searches, and ability to move page-by-page without delays. Users tell us they can review a document set in less than half the time. All that time saved means money is saved. Employee bandwidth increases thanks to Veloci-Docs. No need to throw more bodies at the problem. Let Veloci-Docs do the heavy lifting.

Core Competencies

  • Minimizes document prep time
  • Software preloaded with comorbidities and ICD 10 codes
  • Automatically sorts provider records by date
  • Scans quickly for key data points
  • Isolates critical groups of pages for closer review
  • Eliminates duplicative data entry
  • Key treatment events summarized and time lined for easy export
  • Draft medical summary while you review, not after


Veloci-Docs makes document review simple. Without destroying the integrity of the original documents, Veloci-Docs users can manipulate the metadata created by the software in a way that allows for lightning fast review . This software was created by professionals who know document review (lawyers and medical professionals). Combining our over 100 years of document review experience, what resulted is Veloci-Docs – The Rx for Burdensome Document Review.